In order to obtain the maximum benefit from Talmudo Biyado, one should follow these guidelines:

  1. Review the words of the Gemara and Rashi’s commentary well. This may require learning the Daf or Amud several times, until one feels comfortable in his understanding. All of the components of the Gemara should be clearly understood – the elements of the sugya, as well as the disputes, laws and lines of reasoning. This applies not only for the Gemara’s conclusions, but also for its Shakla VeTarya.
  2. Study the questions of Talmudo Biyado, and write your answers down on paper.
  3. Compare your answers with the answers compiled in Talmudo Biyado. If your answers are incomplete or inaccurate, review the Shakla VeTarya of the Gemara and Rashi to determine the reason for the misunderstanding. If your answers are correct – good job! Keep up the great work!
  4. ReviewthesummarizationoftheAmudinTalmudoBiyadoanothertime. At this stage, one should notice that such a review should take no more than two minutes.

Now let’s make a simple calculation. If one can review an Amud of Gemara in two minutes, and a Daf in four, one should be able to review seven and a half Dapim in thirty minutes.

Whether waiting in line or traveling, or in a myriad of life scenarios, who doesn’t have half an hour a day that is not utilized? Be smart / The wise will take this to heart – and take advantage of those wasted minutes, by reviewing the summarizations of Talmudo Biyado.

With perseverance and in due time, you will be able to review seven Daf every day. Imagine that! One can finish Shas every year just by utilizing minutes ordinarily wasted in one’s daily schedule.

Introduction to Talmudo Biyado

Every Ben Torah aspires to be proficient in Shas. Reaching this lofty summit can only be done through exertion in Torah, and a constant effort to review. As Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi proclaimed “One who learns Torah and doesn’t review, is like one who plants but never reaps.”

However, just as it is not enough to plant and reap, as one must guard his harvest from natural hazards and deterioration, so too, the Talmudic student / Ben Torah must adequately protect his learning from lapses of forgetfulness. Thus, many of those who exert effort in learning Torah devise strategies and programs to help their Torah learning always remain sharp and clear.

It is well-known that writing a summary of one’s learning has a double benefit:

  1. A written summary complements one’s review of the material, and impresses upon oneself the essential points of the Gemara.
  2. In addition, a written summary provides a method of review that is both quick and thorough. One can review every Daf, and even entire Mesechtos, in this way.

Together, the benefits of summarization help the Talmudic student gain

enduring clarity.

Yet proper summarization is a skill. Many Talmudic students abstain from doing so after grappling with its lengthy and laborious work. This is why Machon Maaseh Choshev has taken upon itself the painstaking task of compiling and publishing clear summarizations on all Mesechtos of Shas. These summarizations will give all Talmudic students the tools they need to adequately review and remember what they learn.

The summarizations of Talmudo Biyado incorporate all the essential and fundamental points on every Daf of Gemara, including the commentary of Rashi. Using clear-cut terminology to boost understanding.

Each summary places the emphasis on three things:

  1. Laws that are explicitly mentioned in the Gemara, or established during analysis of the sugya.
  2. Reasoning that is employed by the Gemara, or mentioned in Rashi.
  3. Disputes that are dealt with in the sugya.

Despite the need to be concise, Talmudo Biyado does not skip over details of the sugya, as other summarizations do. Instead, it succinctly summarizes all essential points. The summarization focuses on understanding the sugya and its conclusions.

Talmudo Biyado is organized in a question and answer format, with one part listing up to five questions for every Daf of Gemara, while the other part lists their concise and clear-cut answers.

The answers were carefully worded, in order to outline the sugya’s essential points and include the various disputes and established laws. This format facilitates review and strengthens retention, and even allows one to take a quick peek at an upcoming sugya.

Presenting these summarizations in a question and answer format, while having the answers printed separately, can also help test one’s command of the sugya, and pinpoint those areas which still require clarification.

Talmudo Biyado is primarily an aid for retention and review. Yet its very quality as a succinct outline and summary allows one to see how each sugya is organized at a glance. This is why it is useful as an introduction to each Daf as well.

Its unique system of summarization also helps one to maximize their time. Due to its clarity and brevity, one can utilize precious minutes – ordinarily wasted or spent thoughtlessly – for review. For this very purpose, Talmudo Biyado was designed to be compact, allowing one to have it on him at all times.

For those learning Daf Hayomi, Talmudo Biyado is the ultimate companion. What better way to solidify one’s learning, than with a quick review and summary of the Daf one just learned? Of course, participants of any shiur of Gemara can benefit from Talmudo Biyado just as well. It would be best for every participant to have their own copy, so that everyone can follow along inside with the maggid shiur’s summary, and then further their retention with more review on their own.

With practice and time, Talmudo Biyado will allow one to review an entire mesechta in a very short span of time. Each daf may take just a minute or two to review, and an entire mesechta such as Berachos can be reviewed in a mere two to four hours!

It is imperative to point out, however, that there can be no replacement for learning a daf of Gemara or reviewing the material inside. As Hillel said, “We cannot compare one who learns one hundred times to he who learned it one hundred and one”. Thus Talmudo Biyado’s format and organization aids understanding and memory when it accompanies one’s learning, but does not take its place.

Nonetheless, reviewing its summarizations after reviewing the Gemara inside will give a mastery of the daf for an extended period of time, and eventually a command of the entire Shas!